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6 Street Style Outfit Ideas For 2021

It's been a long year of virtual fashion weeks and a minute since we thought about 'real' clothes. With everything getting back on track, it’s more than exciting to see a return to all-out dressing up and being together again. 

Street fashion is a style that has evolved from the streets and not from fashion shows or ramps. Its grassroots lies in the youth culture and is now being admired by famous designers all over the world. Street style fashion has begun to influence the creators of the high fashion industry. Now no more relying on sweatpants or loungewear, get on the streets and see what you’re missing.  

Even if you’re easing back into the whole concept of getting dressed up, think of bold prints and colours, simple breezy maxi dresses or cute mini outfits. Read on to kickstart your day with a few ideas that are endlessly classy and decidedly easy.

6 Street Style Outfit Ideas 


Simple yet colourful 

Say hello to these simply stunning dresses and a no-fuss summer outfit. Enhance your street style with these beautiful colours. Pair it up with everyday sneakers to make an irresistible combination. These simple yet colourful dresses are great for street outings. 

Shine with stripes 

Look cool and classy in this mini striped dress paired up with heels. A mini dress enhances your legs and offers a cute yet classy vibe. 

Go bold with colours and prints. 

Opt for silky fabrics in standout prints and colours, then top with minimal jewellery and accessories. You can go all crazy with colours when it comes to street styling. A standout print 

and colour will turn heads wherever you go. 

Prints and puffy 

A printed dress like this requires little else but a stunning pair of footwear and minimal jewellery pieces. If you're planning to go for a bold and colourful look, these are perfect for your taste. 

Look cool in white 

Have some with this feminine white sundress with a dose of cool sneakers. 

Fun in maxi dresses 

Own the streets in these gorgeous maxi dresses. Pair them up with boots, heels or whatever makes you comfy. 


Hope you are thoroughly inspired by the above-mentioned ideas for your next street style look. Love street style fashion? Get the desired look at SUMM COLLECTIONS. Explore our wide range of dresses for women available in sizes and stunning prints.  

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