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5 Tips To Create The Bohemian Look You Want This Summer

Go Boho! 

Popular in the 60s and 70s, the bohemian style made its way into everyone's hearts. Flowery dresses, flowy patterns, eye-catching prints, headbands, hats, funky and tribal jewellery are some of the elements that characterised this style. Also called boho chic or boho fashion, bohemian is all about vibrant colours, freedom and fun. 

It is all about dressing easy. The one thing about dressing up boho is that you don’t have to try hard. Let the dress do the talking! 

Right here are some tips for you to style up for a fun bohemian look.

Tips To Dress Up For A Boho-Chic Look 

Colours and patterns

Bohemian style is about relaxation and comfort and having fun. If you wish for a boho-chic look, stay away from dull and neutral outfits. Embrace bold and vibrant eye-catching colours like turquoise, black, orange, red, yellow, blue and others. Bohemian dresses offer you a unique style that is hard to miss. And therefore, colours are an important factor to keep in mind while shopping for boho women's dresses

Florals are staple in a bohemian wardrobe. A floral dress is perfect for any occasion. You can also look for fun patterns like retro prints, tropical patterns, tribal designs and whimsical patterns. 

Maxi and midi dresses 

Maxi and midi dresses are must-haves in your wardrobe. You can experience fun by simply wearing a printed maxi dress with trendy jewellery pieces and accessories. 

Pair a boldly printed maxi dress with a headband, strappy sandals, and a few layered necklaces for an effortless summer look. 

A bright, colourful midi dress with some laces or ruffles is all you need. Ruffles are enlivening and truly enhance your outfit look. You can go all casual and carefree with a midi dress for any occasion. 

Also, to amp up your bohemian look, invest in accessories very carefully. Try to keep it simple with a pair of earrings, a bracelet and strappy sandals. 

Mini boho dresses

Don’t let the heat dull your mood. Brighten your day with an easy floral boho-chic mini dress with a summer hat and sandals.


To create a signature style look, accessories do play an important role. Belts, hats, headbands, scarves work best when it comes to Bohemian clothing. Belts give shape to loose and unstructured dresses. Hats with boho-inspired tassels, charms or stripes on the headband will add more authenticity. These are signature accessories for styling up for a boho look. 

Try not to overcrowd yourself with jewellery. Wear it one at a time. You can pair up your dress with layers of necklaces including, charm necklaces, y-drop or lariat necklaces. Also, buy junk or tribal handmade jewellery made by local craftsmen and artisans. Opt for accessories made with feathers, beads, threads, and tassels in the form of rings, bracelets, earrings to amplify your style. 

Moreover, footwear is equally important. Stack your shoe rack with ankle boots, open-toed sandals, strappy sandals and more. 


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